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New version company website to be official released
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     Foshan SANLE  Building Materials Industry Co.,Ltd website revised successfully and started the online jobs. The new version website shows the public a more perfected,professional and humanized company image.
The old version website built on in 2012.Since Foshan SANLE Building Materials Industry Co.,Ltd website started to use,it became the main channel for SANLE group to show the company image, publish company information,Spread the enterprise culture and serve for the sales,it also became the main bridge of communication between the public and SANLE company. To improve the brand influence and company reputation,display products and service,enhanced communication with public ,we have to actively develop the exterior website construction and improve exterior website composite service ability.

      Revising the Foshan SANLE Building Materials Industry Co.,Ltd website again is to meet the demands of SANLE group website building ability and group strategic can expand the  SANLE brand influence and improve Internet application ability too. 

      The new version SANLE website links the company and clients,  combination of content and form ,combination of sales work and technology , combination of tradition and modern times,shows three characteristics:firstly,the new column system is more aligned with company business developing requirement and having more fresh and targeted informations.Secondly, website function and application become more perfect.User-centered function like“one-stop service ”and “navigation to follow” become more convenient. Besides ,the new added special column of BEST project shows lots of useful installation information.Client can get the information from website easily and customers experience function is shown obvious. Thirdly,the traditional exhibition method transfer to open exhibition method.The website combine new design and content, not only highlight the major points ,but also use a lively form.

      New version SANLE building materials industry co.,ltd website deepen the reform of enterprise transformation and support development of national industry,which is of positive significance.

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